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Toddler & You

Walking to
3 years old

This 45-minute class gives you and your tiny tumbler a truly unique and amazing experience! You accompany your tot throughout the lesson under the instruction of one of our experienced coaches. Girls and boys will learn essential motor skills such as hanging on bar, walking and rolling down incline mats, and climbing through obstacle courses! The coach will also engage your child in games including hula hoops, parachutes, balls, and a story time session. Classes fill up quickly, so register below.

Gotham Kids

years old

This 50-minute class is a fun experience for girls and boys to learn the foundation for the basic skills of gymnastics. Your kiddo will be led by one of our experienced coaches through various stations including trampoline, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. They learn the beginner skills of supporting their own weight on bars, stationary balance on beam, and becoming comfortable upside down when performing skills. They will learn the building blocks of tumbling including handstands, cartwheels and dance. Your instructor will also incorporate games and songs to give your child a truly memorable experience. Your child will gain self-confidence, courage and the skill progression necessary for the sport of gymnastics all while having a ball! Avoid FOMO - register below.

Girls Beginner


This 55-minute class introduces girls to the basic skills on all four Olympic events: vault, bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Class begins with a warmup incorporating different elements of strength, cardio and flexibility. After warmup, girls rotate events following a structured lesson using our unique method of skill progressions. Girls will gain self-confidence, courage and a better understanding of the fundamentals of gymnastics. Classes fill up quickly so register below! Scroll to see all classes.

Girls Intermediate

5+ by evaluation only

The 90-minute class is for girls with previous gymnastics experience. To ensure this is the right class for your daughter, there must be a scheduled evaluation by one of our coaches prior to registration. Examples of skills to be shown in this evaluation are: cartwheel, front limber, backward roll, back bend kick over and a demonstration of bar strength. This class will incorporate all four Olympic Events: vault, bars, balance beam and floor. We will further enhance your daughter's gymnastics skills while presenting her new challenges and experiences to build her self-confidence and understanding of the sport. Please contact us to schedule an evaluation.

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