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An Athlete-Based Approach to Gymnastics for Superior Performance and Maximum Enjoyment

At Gotham Gymnastics, our mission is to put the athlete first and elevate the sport of gymnastics in the process. By prioritizing the safety, physical health and mental well-being of our athletes over competitiveness, we cultivate a supportive community where athletes of all ages, abilities and backgrounds are inspired to perform at their highest level.

As a gym founded by coaches and parents, we are passionate about pioneering a better way for our kids to train and succeed. Together with our advisors, we are making the sport of gymnastics safer and more inspiring than ever. 

All of our programs are informed by The Complete Athlete, a proprietary system of coaching developed by Gotham Gymnastics that goes beyond fundamental techniques to support the development of well-rounded gymnasts through, but not limited to, an emphasis on eight core components:

  • Gymnastics

  • Athletic Performance

  • Mental Performance

  • Nutrition

  • Physical Therapy

  • Medical Support

  • Enrichment

  • Family Support


Our state-of-the-art facility is outfitted with the safest and most advanced gymnastics equipment available to enhance the performance of athletes at all levels.


Through gymnastics, we are laying the foundation for a balanced and healthy lifestyle rooted in self-confidence, well-being and fitness. We focus on athleticism, sportsmanship, discipline, and personal bests while still allowing kids to be kids.


Whether your goal is improved balance, a Big Ten scholarship, or a spot on the US Olympic team, you belong at Gotham Gymnastics.


Coach David.jpeg
Daniel Miranda

Co-Founder / CEO / Head Coach

Coach Ana.jpeg
Ana Nunes

Co-Founder / Team Director

Daniel and Ana have more than 50 years of combined experience coaching athletes in the US and internationally, including USAG Developmental State champions, Regional and National champions, and Tops/Hopes Athletes. Daniel holds a BA PE and Sports Science from Estacio de Sa, Brazil. Ana holds a BA and Licensed Teacher degree in PE and Sports Science from Federal University of Mines Gerais, Brazil. Both are also accomplished athletes in their own right. Daniel was an international martial artist, while Ana is a former gymnast who represented Team Brazil in Germany (1995), Sweden (1999) and was ranked the number one Brazilian athlete in 1998.

As parents, coaches and athletes themselves, Daniel and Ana understand the value of putting the well-being of the gymnast first. They have used their combined talents and business acumen to bring that focus to training programs at Gotham Gymnastics.


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