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“Who are we and how are we different?"  Good questions.

We are a seasoned group of coaches, trainers, and parents, who know all the good that gymnastics has to offer. We've coached (and raised) National, Regional, and State champions (too many to number). More importantly, through gymnastics our kids have learned discipline, commitment, camaraderie, teamwork, confidence, strength, how to win with dignity, and how to get back up, over and over again, after falling down... Great life lessons!


In addition to learning the good, we’ve also learned how to do things better—and that’s exactly what we launched Gotham to do! We’re going to apply best-in-class training systems through the use of world class advisors, modern health and wellness techniques, state of the art technology (this part will be really cool), and plain PMA (Positive Mental Attitudes). We want to see your kiddo be motivated, successful, strong, and of course happy. We really welcome the chance to show you what we can do to help your child develop their skills, confidence, strength, and attitude.  See you Soon!



USAG TOPs NY Manager. USAG Congress speaker. USAIGC Educational committee member. 24 years of experience developing athletes. Strength and conditioning training, and martial arts background. Coached many State/Regional/National Athletes Champions around the world and holds many team titles. Worldwide experience coaching and teaching in USA, Brazil, Israel, Argentina and Netherlands. 

BA in PE and Sports Science from Estacio de Sa – Brazil. Specialization in Business and Financial Modeling from UPenn. 

Daniel Miranda

eam Coordinator & Elite Head Coach


Jack Smith



USAG coach with 22 years of experience developing athletes, over 14 years' experience managing the most successful gymnastics businesses in the USA. Coached many State/Regional/National Athletes Champions around the world and holds many team titles. #1 ranked Brazilian athlete in 1998. Represented Team Brazil in Germany 1995, Sweden 1999,  and at 1998 Sydney Worlds Championship.

Ana Nunes

Team Director/Co-Founder

BA and Licensed Teacher in PE and Sports Science from Federal University of MG – Brazil.


Kirsty Delima


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