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June 26th to September 1st

Gotham Kids

Summer Drop-In Classes

Busy Summer schedule? Give your kid the benefit of a gymnastics class without having to commit to a full session. Sign up for the classes that work with your schedule. No need to worry about missing a class, make-ups, etc. Avoid FOMO - register below.

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Gotham Kids 3-4

Girls Beginner

Girls Beginner

This 55-minute class introduces girls to the basic skills on all four Olympic events: vault, bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Class begins with a warmup incorporating different elements of strength, cardio and flexibility. After warmup, girls rotate events following a structured lesson using our unique method of skill progressions. Girls will gain self-confidence, courage and a better understanding of the fundamentals of gymnastics. Classes fill up quickly so register below! Scroll to see all classes.

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Ages 5-7

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Ages 8+

Girls Intermediate 6+

6 & Up By Evaluation Only


This 90-minute class is for girls approved for intermediate classes at Gotham. This class will incorporate all four Olympic Events: vault, bars, balance beam and floor. We will further enhance your daughter's gymnastics skills while presenting her new challenges and experiences to build her self-confidence and understanding of the sport. Not sure if you're approved? Contact the front desk. 
Email: to enroll! 

Ages 6 -8

Girls Intermediate

Girls Itermediate 9+/Advanced

Girls Advanced
Boys Beginner

Boys Beginner

The 55-minute class introduces boys to beginner skills of men’s gymnastics. This coach-structured class encompasses men’s Olympic events: floor, rings, vault, high bar and parallel bars with an emphasis on strength training and flexibility. Boys will gain the essential muscle strength, knowledge and self-confidence that will translate into love for the sport of gymnastics.

Ages 5 - 8

Gotham Challengers

Gotham Challengers

Mixed Boys and Girls

Gotham Challengers is a 55-minute training session incorporating the fundamentals of gymnastics, parkour and martial arts. In this class, your kid will learn different types of safety rolls, vaults and basic tumbling. Your child will be challenged through a set of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty. They will build strength, balance & coordination, and self confidence. 

Ages 6+

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